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    Jiska Hachmer

    2 times #9th of all female singers and finalist on I Wanna Be Famous



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    Jiska Hachmer

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    Always loved to sing.

    Wrote my own songs since I was 14. Won contests of karaoke shows, locally, regionally and nationally till half finals, finals were on TV. 

    And hosted Karaoke shows myself after that for years, and many nights.

    Our drive in show, Cold Ice, was going to be the karaoke show every week for the first Idols season in the Netherlands, but they changed the concept to what it is nowadays.


    My first demo for my own song move your feet I made with CharIie Lownoise and Mental Theo when I was just 16.

    I didn't write much after. I sang a lot and was on stage a lot.

    I tried some songs, but never got to what I made in 2014.

    Right after my Berklee study, songwriting I wrote some songs.


    At that time I was I Wanna Be Famous Contestent and got really far in the contest as a Finalist. I also used my songs in the contest and people loved it.

    The many views on IWBF and roomcovers and other sites weren't comparable to my youtube channel views.


    I never expected what happened now.


    The way I was found by someone for IWBF, I was also found by someone for numberonemusic.com and it got me many fans and views.

    It is where I found the moment to release my first single: North and south through CDBaby.


    The single is out in many stores!

    Itunes, Amazon, Google Play store...


    This song I made with the music of Josh Woodward, it's a cc-by license.

    "Close your eyes".


    The lyrics for North and south are written by me.



    You're my north and south when you're gone,

    I'll turn around

    No doubt I will turn around without you 'cause you're my...

    summer breeze that I foresee that's easy

    'cause you'll think of me too

    'till the sold moon and golden tunes

    I,I,I, love you, you know

    In paradise our eyes will meet

    then I, then I am in love

    and the rainbows will go further then the universe

    in heaven I'll see you

    in deep, deep, deep true blue

    I'll see you

    Repeat above....

    Bridge: When I think of you you're my steady water I can go to

    to drink deep into my soul

    and all and all that I know I'm so lost without you

    I can't think without you

    When I think of you I know what to do real soon

    'till golden tunes and sold moon

    I,I,I looove you

    Then I, then I am inlove...

    In heaven I'll see you

    in deep, deep, deep true blue

    I see you

    When I think of you

    When I think of you

    You're my north and south

    When you're gone I'll turn around

    I will turn around

    without you



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